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6 Hour ISBA Professional Responsibility MCLE Bundle

This item is expired.

Presented by the Illinois State Bar Association

6.0 hours MCLE credit, including 6.0 hours Professional Responsibility MCLE credit in the following categories:

  • 3.5 hours Professionalism, Civility, or Legal Ethics credit
  • 1.50 hours Diversity and Inclusion credit
  • 1.0 hour Mental Health and Substance Abuse credit

Accreditation Expiration Date: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­April 3, 2024 (You must certify completion
and save your certificate before this date to get MCLE credit)

Don’t miss this in-depth program that explores the important issues of professional responsibility in the practice of law. Attorneys who take advantage of this 6-hour bundle will better understand:
  • The professional excellence Abraham Lincoln displayed throughout his legal career;
  • Why professionalism and civility is so important in the courtroom (and toward clients and opposing counsel);
  • The roles micro-aggression, implicit bias, and cultural appropriation play in stifling diversity in the legal profession;
  • How to identify the stress triggers in your life and prevent getting caught in the “downward stress spiral”; and
  • Much more.

Part 1: Professionalism in the Profession – Then and Now
(3.5 hours Professionalism, Civility, or Legal Ethics MCLE/PMCLE credit)

Lincoln the Lawyer
Presented by the Illinois State Bar Association and the Illinois Academy of Criminology
Co-sponsored by the University of Illinois College of Law
Originally presented on Thursday, June 3, 2021
Explore the professional excellence of one of Illinois’ greatest attorneys, Abraham Lincoln, with this presentation that offers engaging vignettes about Lincoln’s legal career that gives you an idea of what Lincoln’s law practice consisted of, as well as, how other attorneys views him (including a few pre-presidency opinions for a better idea of what his contemporaries thought of Lincoln).
Hon. Anne M. Burke, Chief Justice, Illinois Supreme Court, Chicago
John Lupton, Executive Director, Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission, Springfield

The Role and Benefits of Professionalism: Perspectives from the Bench and Beyond
Presented by ISBA Federal Civil Practice Section
Originally presented on Thursday, March 3, 2022
Discover why professionalism plays such an important role in both the courtroom and toward the client and opposing counsel with this informative seminar. Attendees with basic practice experience will better understand: the effects of being unprofessional, including its impact on cases, argument, the judge, and the jury; how to avoid crossing the unprofessional line; how to handle unruly opposing counsel and setting the clients expectations for dealing with this type of behavior; the Seventh Circuit’s Code of Conduct and how to get practitioners to follow these expectations; the best practices to employ during depositions, motion practice, and settlement conferences; the proper format for Rule 37.2 conferences; how to recognize unprofessional conduct guised as “zealous advocacy”; the purpose and application of FRCP 11 and 37, 28 USC 1927, and ARDC complaints, and the steps we can take to stem the trend of incivility; and much more!
Hon. David G. Bernthal, Of Counsel, Webber & Thies, P.C., Urbana
Jerome E. Larkin, Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, Chicago
Mary Robinson, Robinson, Stewart, Montgomery & Doppke, LLC, Chicago
Hon. Sidney I. Schenkier, JAMS, Chicago

Part 2: Rooting Out Racial Bias
(1.50 hours Diversity and Inclusion MCLE/PMCLE credit)
Originally presented on Friday, December 10, 2021
With the language of inclusion continually evolving, it’s likely that people will inadvertently offend someone, even while trying to be conscious of their wording. Don’t miss this timely discussion in which our two speakers draw on their experience in promoting all aspects of diversity in their legal community. Topics include: micro-aggression, implicit bias, and cultural appropriation.
Dana Cutler, James W. Tippin & Associates, Kansas City, MO
Keith Cutler, James W. Tippin & Associates, Kansas City, MO

Part 3: Reducing Workplace Stress and Anxiety: Meditation and Other Tools
(1.0 hour Mental Health or Substance Abuse MCLE/PMCLE credit)
Originally presented on Thursday, May 7, 2020
Chronic stress and anxiety prevent you from living joyfully and working productively. Not all stress is inherently bad – it’s how you respond to stress that matters. Learning to manage stress is a healthy way creates a pathway for happy, healthy living. Don’t miss this online seminar that helps you understand: the strategies to identify your own stress triggers and how to prevent getting caught in the “downward stress spiral”; the yoga, breathing, and meditation practices that train your mind-body to respond to stress constructively, and the techniques that unwind chronic stress in the body.
Nicole Elipas Doherty, Unfold Yoga, Chicago

*This bundle satisfies the 6 hour Professional Responsibility Requirement for a two-year reporting period under Supreme Court Rule 794(d).

Pricing Information
  • Please Note: You must attend the entire program in order to earn MCLE credit for this seminar.
  • Fees:
    • ISBA Member Price of $149 is displayed below when you login and program is eligible for Free CLE member benefit
    • Non-Member Price $299
    • New Attorney Member (within the first five years of practice) - $50
    • Law Students - Free