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15 Hour Solo & Small Firm Bundle - 2022

Presented by the Illinois State Bar Association
Sponsored by the ISBA Mutual Insurance Company

15.0 hours General MCLE credit, including 12.50 hours of Professional Responsibility MCLE credit in the following category:
  • 10.5 hours Professionalism, Civility, or Legal Ethics credit
  • 1.0 hour Mental Health and Substance Abuse credit
  • 1.0 hour Diversity and Inclusion credit

Original Program Date: September 29, 2022 - September 30, 2022
Accreditation Expiration Date: November 1, 2024 (You must certify completion
and save your certificate before this date to get MCLE credit)

Please Note: Per the MCLE Board rules, attorneys may not claim credit for watching the same program twice within a 12-month period.

Originally Presented as part of the ISBA’s Solo & Small Firm Conference 2022:
Navigating the New Normal – Your Modern Practice

Get fresh ideas to help you adapt to the changes in the practice, learn how to defend your firm against cybersecurity breaches, discover which technology can help you manage your hybrid practice, and learn how to use social media in marketing. Additional topics include:
  • The things to consider when choosing a practice management system;
  • How to master the client-attorney relationship;
  • How to implement a successful financial plan for your practice;
  • How to create the perfect employee handbook, as well as the employment law issues to consider when building your hybrid practice;
  • Coping with professional stress, and;
  • Much more.

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Diamond Sponsor – ISBA Mutual Insurance Company
Platinum Sponsors – Clio
Gold Sponsors – Affirm Legal Nurse Consultants AND Churchill Reporting
Silver Sponsors – Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc., Life’s Plan, Inc. AND LexisNexis

How Not to Get Hacked
Lawyers need to understand how to defend their firms, clients, and confidential information through basic cybersecurity measures. This is especially important for criminal defense attorneys communicating with a client who may be under active surveillance. Learn how to avoid getting hacked and enhance your cybersecurity awareness with this informative presentation.
Moderator: John G. Locallo, Amari & Locallo, Chicago
Drew Vaughn, Deviant Marketing, Chicago

Tech Tools to Help You Manage Your Hybrid Practice
Maximize your efficiency for today’s modern practice by using the best technology solutions available. Phone options including VOIP, password management and protection tools, virtual receptionists, and more.
Moderator: Howard E. Zimmerle, Attorney at Law, Rock Island
Maddy Martin,, New York
Bryan M. Sims, Sims Law Firm, Ltd., Naperville

Responsible Social Media Marketing
Gain a better understanding of how to use social media as a marketing tool for your law practice with this informative presentation. Topics include: how to build a credible presence on social media platforms, how to connect with other professionals, and how to define your brand as an attorney.
Moderator:Pamela J. Kuzniar, Haid and Teich LLP, Chicago
Kathryn L. Mickelson, Beermann LLP, Chicago

Practice Management Systems: Options and Experiences
Don’t miss this discussion on practice management systems, including your available options, the things to consider before implementing, and how to keep up with changes.
Moderator: Howard E. Zimmerle, Attorney at Law, Rock Island
Jeffrey Schoenberger, Affinity Consulting Group, Ohio

Client Relationship Mastery
Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from our speaker as she offers a practical and strategic approach to developing and maintaining effective and ethical relationships with your law firm clients. Topics include: key points to address at the outset of representation, how to develop a strong communication system and avoid miscommunication, the three essential letters you must ALWAYS send, strategies for handling difficult client situations, and obligations upon termination of the relationship.
Moderator: Debra L. Thomas, Romanucci & Blandin LLC, Chicago
Cynthia Sharp, Business Development Strategist, The Sharper Lawyer, Pennsylvania

Using Technology to Improve Client Relationships
Get the best practice tips you need to use technology as a tool to improve your relationship with clients, including client intake and onboarding through your website.
Moderator: John G. Locallo, Amari & Locallo, Chicago
Amy Skogerson, The Law Shop, Iowa

The Lawyers Guide to Financial Planning*
Discover the financial and tax concepts that you need to know to properly guide your clients and secure your own economic future. Topics include: factors to consider when choosing a financial advisor, asset conservation strategies, retirement planning vehicles, and the long term care dilemma.
Moderator: Howard E. Zimmerle, Attorney at Law, Rock Island
Cynthia Sharp, Business Development Strategist, The Sharper Lawyer, Pennsylvania

Employment Law Perspectives on The Hybrid Practice
This segment examines the hybrid office from the perspective of employment law. Topics include: employment agreements, payment and compensation, hiring options, morale issues (for both new employees and longtime employees), and real estate/office supply issues.
Moderator: Diana Servos, S.T. Legal Group, Deerfield
Max P. Barack, Garfinkel Group, LLC, Chicago
Jim Connolly, Industry Leading Results, Chicago
John Millner, Versa Real Estates Services, Oakbrook Terrace

Automating Your Law Firm
Learn the tips and trick you need to create efficiency in your daily workflow, as well as the many benefits of using technology tools to increase productivity, including practice management software.
Moderator: John G. Locallo, Amari & Locallo, Chicago
Melanie Leonard, Clio, Chicago

Tips on Developing Employee Handbooks

Too many times, we advise our clients on best employment practices without actually practicing what we preach. This session helps you revise (or prepare) an employee handbook for your firm, while considering expectations for other attorneys and staff. Various handbook provisions, their purpose, and how to use them for the protection of your practice are examined.
Moderator: Howard E. Zimmerle, Attorney at Law, Rock Island
Samantha Bobor, Giffin Winning Cohen & Bodewes P.C., Springfield
Jason E. Brokaw, Giffin Winning Cohen & Bodewes P.C., Springfield

Mindfulness for Attorneys: Combating Workplace Stress + Burnout*
Mental Health and Substance Abuse PMCLE credit
Chronic stress and anxiety prevent you from living well and working productivity. Not all stress is inherently bad - it’s HOW you respond to stress that matters. Learning to manage stress in a healthy way creates a pathway for happy, healthy living. In this presentation, you’ll learn:
Strategies to identify your own stress triggers and how to prevent getting caught in the “downward stress spiral.”
Mindful movement, breathing, and meditation practices that train your mind-body to respond to stress constructively.
Techniques that unwind chronic stress in the body.
Moderator: Debra L. Thomas, Romanucci & Blandin LLC, Chicago
Nicole Elipas Doherty, Unfold Yoga + Wellness, LLC, Chicago

Picking and Choosing: How to Build an Inclusive and Diverse Law Firm Office*
Diversity and Inclusion PMCLE credit
Learn how to interrupt bias and build an inclusive workplace among staff and clients, alike.
Christopher A. Pickett, Amazon, St. Louis

New Lawyer Perspectives on the Hiring Process
Employment trends have changed and you need to be aware of what new lawyers are looking for, what you can do to attract new talent beyond the standard offerings, and what you can expect in the current market. Our panelists will explore these issues as well lessons learned about hiring perspectives through the ISBA Rural Practice Initiative, a program connecting rural and small town law firms with law clerks and new associates.
Michelle Mohr Vodernik, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Chicago
Megan Ryan, Rammelkamp Bradney PC, Jacksonville
Sarah Taylor, Barrett Twomey Broom Hughes & Hoke LLP, Carbondale

HR Tips for Growing Your Law Firm
Learn how to grow your law firm by mastering these key employment issues, including: sexual harassment policies, hiring and firing tips, the ethics rules on supervising lawyers and non-lawyers; and independent contractor vs employee.
Michael D. Wong, SmithAmundsen, St. Charles

Top Tips in 10 Minutes*
Capture some great ideas to incorporate into your practice during this lighting-round. You will hear top tips in ten minutes from several speakers on the topics of cyber security, marketing, cannabis law and technology.
1.Cyber Risk Awareness
Scott Dutton, ISBA Mutual Insurance Company, Chicago
Jeffrey B. Strand, ISBA Mutual Insurance Company, Chicago
Drew Vaughn, Deviant Marketing, Chicago
3.Cannabis Law
Mackenzie Ditch Wilcox, PharmaCann Inc., Chicago
4.Technology Tips: Ask Your Tech Questions
Bryan M. Sims, Sims Law Firm, Ltd., Naperville

*All sessions provide Professionalism, Civility or Legal Ethics PMCLE credit except those designated with an "*" or identified as Mental Health or Diversity Inclusion PMCLE

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  • Please Note: You must complete the entire program in order to earn MCLE credit for this seminar.
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